Thursday, February 12, 2015

40 Year Itch : Hey Hey Hideho!

   Move over Milli Vanilli! London Glam rockers Kenny scored a UK#3 hit by badly miming "their" version of a Bay City Rollers b-side celebrating the butt bumping dance craze. Session musicians played the instruments and the actual singer, Barry Palmer, would later provide lead vocals for both Triumvirat and Mike Oldfield. Despite the deception, a fun sing along song that could only have come from the mid-70's.


  1. I bought this in 1975. And another one of theirs. Christ. when you're 12 you don't half buy a right load of old rubbish. Sadly, I still do so today.

    1. The first album I ever bought was the Jackson 5's Lookin' Through the Windows. Our brains aren't fully developed at that age so don't go blaming yourself. Can't help you justify poor choices these days though :)