Sunday, February 22, 2015

UK Top 10 Feb 22 1975

   Steve Harley, joined by an almost entirely new set of backing musicians making up Cockney Rebel, bounded up the UK charts with this acoustic pop gem that can claim one of the finest Spanish guitar solos ever recorded.

1. Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel : Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)
2. Pilot : January

3. The Carpenters : Please Mr Postman
4. Mac and Katie Kissoon : Sugar Candy Kisses

5. Mud : The Secrets That You Keep
6. Glitter Band : Goodbye My Love

7. Shirley and Company : Shame Shame Shame
8. Helen Reddy : Angie Baby
9. Wigan's Chosen Few: Footsee

10. Johnny Wakelin and the Kinshasa Band : Black Superman ( Muhammed Ali)


  1. I've loved Make Me Smile since it came out. It's hard to believe now that acoustic songs like this (and Maggie May, Meet Me On The Corner,Streets Of London ..) were massive hits

    but that "very very special Top of the Pops" video with Dave Lee Travis and Jimmy Saville introducing Cockney Rebel - nostalgia isn't what is used to be ..

    Wigan's Chosen Few - something about Northern Soul dancing reminds me of pro cycling - all the action below the hips. Some great songs but unfortunately the fans were the world's least funky people

  2. Hi there

    I like your blog and always check it out each week but please can you source clips that don't include Savile - there's an evilness about him, well established now, that we can all do without. Cheers

  3. History can be ugly. I'm not sure how I feel about excluding clips just because Savile is featured. Would I be whitewashing history? Am I just celebrating music or trying to share historic moments, warts and all? I was able to find another clip of Cockney Rebel performing their #1 hit so I've posted that while I ponder your suggestion. Thanks for reading and caring enough to comment.