Friday, March 6, 2015

40 Year Itch : Cars, Girls, Surfin', Beer

Death Race 2000, 1975

   Years ahead of their time or merely a silly outlier band? Depending on whom you ask, the Dictators are the either the fathers of American punk rock ( The Village Voice called them "the first true punk rockers of the 1970's") or a happy accident parodying elements of the New York Dolls, Alice Cooper, 60's garage rock and even The Beach Boys with the help of Blue Oyster Cult producer Sandy Pearlman. Apparently Rolling Stone critic Dave Marsh didn't get the joke. He called the album " a banal collection of recycled 'Pipeline' instrumentals coupled with a vocalist who sounds precisely, yes, like a yowling wrestler on Saturday afternoon TV"


Also this week in 1975, Jackson Browne played two shows at my alma mater, Tulane University.
Both shows can be found at this website 

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