Sunday, March 1, 2015

40 Year Itch : Soul Brothers Top 20

   The Soul Brothers Top 20 makes its debut on 1001Songs. It's a chart from the March 6, 1975 issue of Jet Magazine and will probably get featured a bit more this year  because 1975 issues of Billboard Magazine are getting a bit more rare on Google books at this point. 

  The ultra smooth ex-Temptations singer Eddie Kendricks hit #1 on the Hot Soul Charts and had a Top 20 pop hit with "Shoeshine Boy". That's despite some Motown executive who thought a song celebrating shoeshine boys would seem demeaning to blacks. The actual message, courtesy of lyricist Harry Booker, once a shoeshine boy himself,  is to try to do the best at whatever you can.


Also on this date, at the Grammy Awards, sniffing soul man David Bowie gave the award to the top female r and b performance.

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  1. 1975 and Motown still holds 20% of the Top 20 on the Soul Charts. Dayum!