Saturday, March 7, 2015

40 Year Itch : Up Into the Stilling Night Sky

Passengers waving goodbye before departing on Concorde's first public flight in 1975.

“Peter Hammill’s great. A true original. I’ve just liked him for years. If you listen to his solo albums, I’m damn sure Bowie copied a lot out of that geezer. The credit he deserves, has just not been given to him. I love all his stuff”
 – John Lydon

Here's your entryway, the most listenable song on Peter Hammill's Nadir's Big Chance, which bridges the gap between artsy fartsy prog rock and what would become sneering punk in another year or so. This is a concept album from Van Der Graaf Generator's songwriter and singer about a disillusioned and neurotic teen named Nadir. There were plenty of Nadirs out there, but they would wind up responding to the instant angst of punk.


  1. This is indeed a great album. And in my opinion this is not even the best song on the album.........

  2. Thanks George. If you know the album well, this is probably not the best tune. If you don't, I feel like it's a good one to build up some interest.