Monday, July 20, 2015

40 Year Itch : That Fat and Funky Bass

George Porter front and center with the Meters in 1975 

The Meters : Can You Do Without

    Bass players and drummers from New Orleans play it more together than players from anywhere else. In music from other places, there's more of a tendency for the bass player to play a note right after the kick drum. New Orleans bass players and drummers are more closely linked, so they're playing a note and the kick drum at the same time. The bass might venture away from the kick drum to play more notes, but at some point--maybe two and four--we always meet.

Meters bassist George Porter, R and B Bass Masters: The Way They Play

   For their follow-up to the masterpiece Rejuvination, The Meters recorded more funky numbers that seemed to have evolved from jams. There was also the novelty tune "They All Asked For You" which has become the theme song for the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. One of the highlights of Fire on the Bayou, released in July of 1975, is "Can You Do Without".  George Porter starts the whole thing with his bass line...and the rest of the band cooks merrily along . 

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