Monday, August 24, 2015

40 Year Itch : Shook Me Like A Landslide

Dr Feelgood : Back in the Night

    In the Summer of '75, the Wilko Johnson penned single "Back In The Night" was our first glimpse at Dr Feelgood's  forthcoming follow-up to its superb debut, Down By The Jetty. No the UK single didn't sell but it's a good one : another R and B single with just enough aggro to inspire punk rockers in the year ahead. It's a love/lust song about a working class guy who's probably got just one thing going for him, a woman who's willing to invite him back to her place every night.

  At the start of 2013, diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, Wilko Johnson was given ten months to live. His calm, almost Buddha like response, was to do a farewell tour, much of which is captured in the new Julien Temple documentary The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson. Then a funny, glorious thing happened. Johnson didn't die. He recorded an album with Roger Daltrey. He made cameos on Game of Thrones and eventually he had a huge tumor removed in a nine hour operation. Last October Johnson was declared cancer-free.

Johnson tells The Guardian "I feel like I’m parachuting back into the land of the living and looking around thinking, 'Oh well'"