Friday, October 2, 2015

40 Year Itch : A Tattered Friendship Renewed

"I said some silly things because I'm a spoiled brat and I don't understand business to the degree that Frank does...I said 'I'm sorry Frank and I don't mean that for an excuse.' We shook hands and that was that. 
-Captain Beefheart, 1975

Zappa/Beefheart : Debra Kadabra

    With his career in tatters and both his legendary Magic Band and the so-called Tragic Band dissolved, Captain Beefheart, hat in hand,  renewed his tattered friendship with Frank Zappa and joined the Mothers for the following tour. He would sing. And when he wasn't singing, he would often sit in a chair on the side of the stage, rifling through some papers.

   At the Armadillo Club in Austin Texas, they recorded a large part of Bongo Fury, an uneven but affectionate album consisting of bizarre stories and funny memories from their high school years together.  "Debra Kadabra" is the opening track. "Muffin Man" is the best known. "Advance Romance" is the deep cut treasure. 

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