Sunday, October 4, 2015

US Top Ten : October 6, 1975

David Geddes: Run Joey Run

   With the exception of the Bowie chart topper and the Sweet single, this truly was a "so bad, it's good" Top 10, highlighted by the cringe-inducing "Run Joey Run", featuring the return of young Michael Vance ( from Clint Holmes's "Playground In My Mind") as the voice of Julie.

1 2 FAME –•– David Bowie (RCA)-15 (2 weeks at #1)
2 1 I’M SORRY / CALYPSO –•– John Denver (RCA)-8
3 3 RHINESTONE COWBOY –•– Glen Campbell (Capitol)-19
4 5 RUN JOEY RUN –•– David Geddes (Big Tree)-10

5 14 MR. JAWS –•– Dickie Goodman (Cash)-5
6 25 BAD BLOOD –•– Neil Sedaka (Rocket)-4
7 9 BALLROOM BLITZ –•– Sweet (Capitol)-17

8 12 DANCE WITH ME –•– Orleans (Asylum)-12
9 11 AIN’T NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY –•– Helen Reddy (Capitol)-9
10 24 ROCKY –•– Austin Roberts (Private Shock)-12


  1. Surely 'Rhinestone Cowboy' should be included in your exceptions too? And Austin Roberts bears an uncanny resemblance to Keith Chegwin...

  2. That Sweet song with 'em lip-synching, miming or whatever I thought the audience were great on this one. OK it was an 'official' release but audiences around this time whether on TOTP, Supersonic or their euro counterparts mainly looked utterly gormless. This lot though (mainly) looked like they were really going for it. Great pop song into the bargain