Wednesday, December 30, 2015

40 Year Itch : The 5 worst hit songs of 1975

   It was the 70's so much of what made the Top 40 was awful but nothing was quite so revolting as these top five hits from 1975. 

1. MORRIS ALBERT: FEELINGS -- Over. Wrought. With lyrics so generic they could be about a lost love or a dead pet gerbil.

2. GEORGE BAKER SELECTION and JONATHAN KING :  UNA PALOMA BLANCA --There were two competing versions of this wretched song on the charts at the same time

3. JOHN DENVER WITH OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN: FLY AWAY --A song about a depressed city dweller leaping off a building?

4. WING AND A PRAYER FIFE AND DRUM CORPS : BABYFACE --When a 50 year old song gets trashed by disco treatment everybody of every age loses.

5. MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY : WILDFIRE --The dead horse song

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