Thursday, December 24, 2015

40 Year Itch: Best Discoveries from 1975

  1975 was a much more fascinating year for music than I initially thought it would be. Here are some of my favorite discoveries this year . ( OK, I knew the Augustus Pablo, Neu and Stealers Wheel tracks before, but they seem to fit into the mix). The ZipFile is a CD length sampler. Thanks to everyone who checked in this year. What will 2016 have in store? I'm seriously considering 1966 as opposed to 1976.


  1. I would encourage you to go with 1966--to me a much more interesting period in music. I appreciate your efforts to re-live the music in the contest of it's time. I'm not much of a comment provider, but I check your site everyday for the music and your insights. Thanks

  2. Long time reader, infrequent commenter here, Either choice would work for me. I was 10 in 1966, just started listening to music (Walk Right In, Sunny, and Red Riding Hood still evoke vivid memories). But, I would like to see the choices you would make for 1976, as most of your previous picks are better than what was considered 'Top 40' at the time. I just hope you carry on..........

    Best wishes, Obey Gravity

  3. Daily visitor, once a year commenter. Definitely should go for 76. 1966 is all done and dusted while your 1974 and 1975 posts have unearthed much that is below the radar. I'm sure you will do the same for 1976. Thanks for another excellent year of posts