Friday, February 26, 2016

40 Year Itch: A Cross between Deep Purple and the Shangri-Las

The Runaways : Cherry Bomb

The February 26th issue of Rolling Stone broke the news:

   They call their music "crunch" and they serenade their teen fan clubs with such original ditties as "Switchblade Music" and "Cherry Bomb"; Ron Mael of Sparks says "There's nothing subtle about the band; that's why I like them." The group is the Runaways, five girls aged 16 and 17 ( with a 14-year-old lyricist) who are stirring some interest along L.A.'s heavy-metal circuit. Says Kim Fowley, the irrepressible Sunset Strip hustler/hypist; "They're a cross between mid-period Sweet and Free, peak Deep Purple and the Shangri-Las. Every time they open their mouths an an hem comes out." Some of those "anthems" will be released on Mercury Records in late spring.

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