Wednesday, May 18, 2016

40 Year Itch : Ferris Wheel in the River

Debris' : One Way Spit

Debris' : Flight Taken

  When Debris' entered an Oklahoma City Battle of the Bands, in which they competed against fifty other bands for a new sound system, they finished dead last. A cover band took top honors. And that --right there--may be the reason you have probably never heard of this proto-punk band or their 1976 debut album. Oklahoma City wasn't ready for a band that sang about spit...and neither was the rest of the USA.

  It's pretty far out there. Like Richard Hell and the Voidoids --if the Voidoids were made up of Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart and somebody borrowed from Pere Ubu. The band raised the $1600 it cost to record the album and press one thousand copies. By the time clubs like CBGBs were interested in them, Debris' had long broken up, leaving behind one imperfect yet revolutionary album.

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