Wednesday, August 3, 2016

40 Year Itch : Flowing Through My Veins

The Upsetters : Zion's Blood

Often considered the greatest reggae dub album of all time, Lee Perry's Super Ape is a swampy collection of reworked and deconstructed tunes recorded earlier. "Zion's Blood" reimagines the Devon Irons tune "When Jah Comes", adding horns. "Croaking Lizard" is an alternate version of Max Romeo's "Chase the Devil". Perry manages to do all of this on a TEAC four track.  Bonus points for the outtasite album cover!


  1. Weird. Only read something about this album at the weekend. Great stuff, and yes - the cover is awesome.

  2. A completely wonderful LP. 1978's 'Return of the Super Ape' is equally, erm, Upsetting.