Monday, August 15, 2016

40 Year Itch : Hello Floorboards

D.P. Costello : Cheap Reward

On August 15, 1976, a Radio London honky tonk show played some demos by a singer named Declan Patrick Costello. They were "Cheap Reward (Lip Service)","Wave A White Flag", "Jump Up", "Blame It On Cain", "Mystery Dance" and "Poison Moon". 

At the time, the future Elvis Costello was working for Elizabeth Arden cosmetics where he spent his time "draped in a white lab coat, staring at the blinking lights of an IBM 360 computer". He had a wife and son in the suburbs and a cassette full of demos he'd recorded in his bedroom on a borrowed Revox tape recorder. Among those Radio London played was "Cheap Reward", which would appear on 1978's debut This Year's Model as "Lip Service". Says Costello in his memoir:" "The earlier draft was a better, if less furious song".

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