Tuesday, August 2, 2016

40 Year Itch : Kihn You Dig It?

The cover of Greg Kihn's debut was shot outside Rather Ripped Records in Berkeley, where the tunesmith worked behind the counter for his day job. In fact the shoot was knocked out during his break. Recorded with Earthquake guitarist Robbie Dunbar at the old CBBS Studios on San Francisco's Folsom Street, the debut is full of strumming acoustic guitars and hooky melodies. The power pop stylings that would kick off a 40 year career of "rock kihn roll" and album titles with bad puns are still a few years off.  The deep cut "Kid From Louieville" is the the cut that deserves the most repeated listens.

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  1. We used to drive in from Walnut Creek just to shop at Rather Ripped during this period. Kihn probably was behind the counter when we were there but I have no memory of him at the store.