Saturday, August 20, 2016

40 Year Itch : An Overdose of Doctor's Notes

Dave Edmunds : Here Comes The Weekend

In August of 1976, Dave Edmunds released the single "Here Comes The Weekend" on Led Zeppelin's Swansong label. Edmunds wrote and recorded the tune with his future Rockpile bandmate Nick Lowe whose "So It Goes" single came out the same month. Both are examples of the new sound Lowe described as "clever words over a simple rhythm". The single did not sell in the UK ( though it did peak at #27 in the Netherlands) but "Weekend"  foreshadowed 1977's Get It, arguably Edmunds's best solo album. 


  1. 76 is shaping up as a good year - the last half a dozen or so songs have been excellent

  2. I have to agree to CC. 76 was the start into a new era. Here comes the weekend is a brilliat song and would be a classic if it was released 10 years earlier.