Monday, August 22, 2016

40 Year Itch : What the Kids Want

Eddie and the Hot Rods : Gloria/Satisfaction

On August 21, 1976 Eddie and the Hot Rods released their Live at the Marquee EP, featuring two sides of live rock 'n' roll covers played at lightening speed and as loud as possible. Quite the bargain at a pound, the EP was meant as a gesture to fans who wanted a record of their high energy live shows. When it hit the UK Top 50, the band suddenly found itself on Top of the Pops.

How did it happen?

Then 18 year old bassist Paul Gray explained to NME:

Everybody's got a bit pissed off with everything that's been 'appenin'. There's been nothing new, 'as there, since about the early 70's. Punk Rock's such a big thing. So many bands are doing it,  and so many kids are in it...old men like the Stones can't relate to kids now, they're a completely different generation. So if you're a young band like us you know what the kids want."

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  1. For some it was Dr Feelgood, but for me it was Eddie & the Hot Rods (and this actual EP) that steered me towards Punk.