Tuesday, August 9, 2016

40 Year Itch : You're So Sexy, I'm So Hot

Bootsy's Rubber Band : Physical Love

In August of 1976, Bootsy Collins finally got his chance to show his stuff outside the Parliament/ Funkadelic collective and the Rubber Band album Stretchin' Out is the result. We've already highlighted "I'd Rather Be With You" this year, so let's dip a bit deeper for "Physical Love", which may or may not feature an uncredited Eddie Hazel guitar solo.

Nobody appreciated Bootsy like George Clinton who wrote :

Right from the start, Booty brought in younger fans, who we started to call "geepies". Fans liked his persona, the way he came on like a cross between a blaxploitation movie character and a Saturday-morning cartoon. He had a shy psychedelic cool that drove then wild, and that helped us inch closer to total demographic domination.

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