Friday, September 16, 2016

40 Year Itch : Ain't a Single Trouble in Sight

Dr Feelgood : She Does It Right

In September of 1976 Dr Feelgood released Stupidity, a live album that showcased the band's greatest skill: delivering high energy, bluesy rock n roll to the masses. Wilco Johnston's choppy guitar strumming and Lee Brilleaux's growling vocals will transport you back into the mid-70's, beer in hand, standing in a crowd of  long haired fans, hoping the show goes on all night.

Then you open your eyes and realize you're sitting on the morning train heading into the city.

"Our energy was our legacy to the punks," Johnson told author Will Burch for No Sleep Till Canvey Island, Burch's history of pub rock. "It was the violence of our act and the mean look which got to them. They didn't have the knowledge or the technique, but they had the attitude." 

Stupidity is a great album, capturing one of the UK's best live acts at their peak. It was also a popular album, topping the UK charts in October of 1976.

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