Friday, October 14, 2016

40 Year Itch : Might as Well, Might as Well

Peter Tosh : No Sympathy

'Herb will become like cigarettes'- Peter Tosh to the NME

He may not have had the strongest voice of the former Wailers, but Peter Tosh made a huge impact on his solo debut Legalize It. Unfortunately part of the impact was to have the title cut banned from Jamaican radio. Perhaps because to not ban the song might be admitting the lyrics "Doctors smoke it /Nurses smoke it/ Judges smoke it " were true?

I have asthma so the line that sticks with me is "It's good for the flu/ Good for asthma /Good for tuberculosis /Even numara thrombosis" . I can't believe smoking in any form is good for asthma. But why go down this rabbit hole? 

Legalize It is one of the best reggae albums of the year, but it it is not THE best. Deep into the year I have yet to hear anything better than the Abyssinians' debut Satta Massagana .

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