Thursday, October 27, 2016

40 Year Itch : A Trio of Eccentrics

R. Stevie Moore : Why Should I Love You

The son of Elvis Presley's bassist Bob Moore, R. Stevie Moore's Phonography is full of lo-fi, whimsical pop songs that reveal a very creative, very weird talent. Originally, only a hundred copies were pressed. Then New York's Trouser Press magazine called Phonography "an outrageous collection of musical brain spewage" and "a true slash of genius" in its December 1977 issue. To date, Moore has released more than 400 self made albums. 

Relatively Clean Rivers :  Easy Ride

Two buddies in Laguna Beach, California, Phil Pearlman and Kurt Baker apparently shared an affection for the Grateful Dead's classic early 70's acoustic albums. There are reports of original copies selling for more than $1000 on Ebay.  

Tom Ze : Vai ( menina Amanhã De Manhã


This is the concept album David Byrne purchased, which eventually led to his championing the Brazilian artist and releasing a Brazil Classics compilation devoted entirely to Ze. Half of that album featured songs from Estudando o Samba. Very fun.

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