Tuesday, November 8, 2016

40 Year Itch : Hillary

Hillary Clinton in 1976

The Quick : Hillary

I've been saving this song all year.

I voted as though the world depended on the outcome of the American election because I believe the future of the world really is at stake. Tonight I will watch the election results with my wife and while my stomach is churning, I believe enough of the American voting population will come to their senses to elect the pragmatic, constantly triangulating, not immediately likable less than totally honest politician over the vile, racist, deceptive, misogynistic, egotistical self-proclaimed pussy grabber. 

"Hillary", which is actually a song about a dominatrix ( You show me that there must be bad with good/Salt and sugar, pain and pleasure/Old tricks, well as new) comes from The Quick's 1976 cult classic Mondo Deco. The Quick were an LA- based power pop band, led by the songwriting guitarist Steve Hufsteter and the angel-voiced Danny Wilde, whose biggest claim to fame is singing the Friends theme "I'll Be There For You" as a member of The Rembrandts. Drummer Danny Benair would go on to play with Paisley Underground faves, the Three O'Clock.

With the help of Kim Fowley, The Quick signed with Mercury Records and recorded Mondo Deco with the founding guitarist of Sparks, Earle Mankey, producing. Listeners will pick up some Sparks influences I'm sure. To these ears, Mondo Deco sounds like a new wave recording, years ahead of its time, by a band confident enough to cover The Beatles's "It Won't Be Long".

The album flopped and is practically impossible to find these days. The import only Untold Rock Stories is a collection of demos for the album. I would suggest an internet search if you want the real thing.


  1. I hope you're right about the result of THAT election. God save America.

  2. It is funny to listen to this song today. I spent my holidays in Florida and today is election day over here and TV is full with Clinton and Trump. I am glad when this show is over