Monday, November 14, 2016

40 Year Itch : Two UK Nuggets in November

Kursaal Flyers : Little Does She Know

Two new singles entered the UK  Top 50 on November 14, 1976: The Sutherland Brothers and Quiver's "Secrets" debuted at #49 and Kursaal Flyers' "Little Does She Know" at #50.

Arranged by Mike Batt, "Little Does She Know" gets the kind of production treatment that might have made even Phil Spector blush.  The keen lyrics (When she finished her laundry she was all in a quandary/ And made it for the street like a hare/ Her escape was so urgent, she forgot her detergent/ And dropped all her clean underwear) were just one hint of the talent involved in the Southend-on-sea band Kursaal Flyers. They wouldn't last but drummer Will Birch would write "Starry Eyes" for his new band, The Records,  and guitarist Graeme Douglas would write one of the greatest songs of all time,  "Do Anything You Want To Do"  when he joined  Eddie and the Hot Rods.  

Sutherland Brothers and Quiver : Secrets

1976 was a great year for the Sutherland Brothers whose "Arms of Mary" became a UK Top 10 hit. In November of 1976, Rod Stewart's version of their "Sailing" returned to the UK Charts where it had hit #1 in 1975. And to top it all off, their bouncy new single , "Secrets", was also getting a lot of radio play. 

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