Friday, December 23, 2016

Best Discoveries of 1976

Living musically in the year of 1976 opened my ears and eyes to some sounds this American kid somehow hadn't stumbled across. 

My biggest eye opener of the year was A Love Trilogy. Teaming up with Moroder was a match made in disco heaven.

The Abyssinians Kniow Jah Today  I had never heard of the Abyssinians until this year and now Satta Massagana is my favorite reggae album of 1976. A big deal!

Radio Birdman : Snake Another track from the year's best EP. Dig the Dolls influence!

The Quick : No No Girl - a delightful blast of Kim Fowley produced power pop.

Cartola : Sei Chorar  A great backstory makes this 1976 album even more amazing. Cartola was a Samba legend who vanished for decades before a journalist found the old man washing cars.

Terry Reid : Faith to Arise  Just feel good California rock from the legendary UK vocalist

Status Quo  : Mystery Song A slow burner from a band I'm only now learning to respect

Invisible : Perdonado (Niño condenado) - a beautiful discovery from Argentina!

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