Saturday, January 21, 2017

Crazy Like a Fool

Boney M : Daddy Cool

   Germany, 1977 : David Bowie releases two out of the three classic albums from his Berlin trilogy. Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer team up on their greatest single, "I Feel Love". And impresario Frank Farian turns a Caribbean quartet into a disco band that would rival ABBA in popularity. "Daddy Cool" was the first Boney M. single most of us heard. It's ridiculous. It's brainless.  And it's one of the most infectious singles of the entire decade. 

    There's a good chance we'd never have heard it if Bobby Farrell hadn't taken off his shirt halfway through the group's performance on Musikladen. The song shot up to #1 in almost every European country and kicking off a string of hits. Boney M. are the only artists to appear twice in the top 10 best selling singles of all time in the UK, with "Rivers of Babylon" in 7th place and "Mary's Boy Child/Oh My Lord" at number 10 

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