Sunday, January 22, 2017

Donald Trump White House Playlist

Not be outdone by Obama, President Donald Trump has released his White House playlist. 

1. Ringo Starr : I'm the Greatest

  Everybody says I'm the greatest. I win elections easily. With no collusion. Many people are saying I am great. But the #fakenews mainstream media refuses to call me "the greatest". Sad.

2. David Byrne : My Big Hands

My hands are huge. Ask Melania. There are no concerns in that department. 

3. James Taylor : Shower the People

The liberal media lies about my pee pee showers. #FakeNews. My voters know "things are gonna work out fine if you only will do as I say". Love.

4. Blue Oyster Cult  : Career of Evil

I used to crank this song in the limo. I'd say "Bobby play some Cult!" "I will not apologize/ You're mine for the taking." How many times have I uttered that line? Carnage. It happens.

5. Sparks : Everybody's Stupid

I love the uneducated and the undereducated. I can help them because I am the smartest man I know. I know more than the generals and the "intelligence" agencies. And that's a fact.

6. Betty Everett : Getting Mighty Crowded

More people witnessed my inauguration than any inauguration in history. Period. The streets and parks were packed as far as the eye could see. I'm very popular.

7. Albertos Y Lost Paranoias :  Fuck You

Want to see my taxes? Fuck you. 

8. 10cc : I Wanna Rule the World

"I want to be a boss I want to be a big boss I want to boss the world around I want to be the biggest boss That ever bossed the world around." Making America Great again. One executive order at a time.

9. 10cc : Reds in My Bed

"Who can you trust when the walls have ears?" I can trust anybody who can afford a membership at Merde A Lago. Want to hear state secrets over dinner? To apply have a cashier check for $200,000 paid out to Donald J Trump.

10. Alice in Chains : Wouldn't?

A lot of people say this song is Would?  instead of Wouldn't? I believe the lyrics should have been : "If You Wouldn't, couldn't you? ' I know it sounds like a double negative but that's the way it should have been.

11. The Jam That's Entertainment

 I'm here to entertain you. I have no fundamental belief in anything but myself and my talent to entertain. I'm like a magician. You see me stoking fear and hate right before your eyes but what am I really doing? We shall see my friends. We shall see.

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