Monday, March 6, 2017

A Few Bad Reviews

Joan Armatrading : Water With the Wine

Frustrated by low record sales for the obviously talented singer -songwriter Joan Armatrading, A and M took out a full page ad in the March 5 edition of Billboard Magazine blaming radio stations. The ad also ran in Rolling Stone .

The copy went like this:

Some of you in the business of playing music are obviously still not convinced that Joan Armatrading is what the public wants.
Even though she's the most critically acclaimed new artist of the year ( from small town newspapers to mass media magazines).
Even though her sold-out concerts are reviewed with glowing words about her extraordinary ability to communicate with audiences that have never seen her before.
Even though Rolling Stone chose her album as one of the most important or the year
Even though Sounds magazine chose her album as the best of the year.
Even though her album is back on the charts.
With all this going for her, with all the public and critical acclaim, some of your are still not playing her music and giving he public a chance to hear one of the most extraordinary and talented new artists to emerge in a decade.
Maybe you should give Joan a second listen.
Who knows, you might hear her for the first time.


  1. I got some Joan Armatrading from this area a while back and was pleasantly surprised

  2. I've always loved Joan, she had some phenomenal albums in the 70s early 80s but for whatever reason I never followed her through...perhaps she produced a weakish album somewhere along the way and .....well....we move on don't we. It happens to loads of artists, even the greatest. Doesn't devalue the early stuff though. Check out for just one example Dry Land Just glorious. Thanks for the memory nudge. Keep at it