Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Ninety-Two Decibel Rocking Band

AC/DC : Let There Be Rock

On March 21, AC/DC released Let There Be Rock, the hardest rocking album, in Australia.  All you need to know about this album is what guitarist Angus Young said in an interview with Coundtown about rocking up such a storm that "towards the end, the fucking amp  was smoking. There was smoke pouring out of the back of the fucking amp! (Producer) George (Young) is fucking screaming , 'Don't stop!' I'm there fucking banging away and I could see this fucking smoke filling up the fucking room, It lasted until the end and then this fucking amp , it was just like it gave in --it was 'Blaaah!' It melted. That was an album where it was cooking!"

The album was released to the rest of the world on June 23, 1977 where it peaked at UK#17. 

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