Friday, March 3, 2017

Return of a Big Star

Alex Chilton : All of the Time

On March 3 and 4 of 1977, after a period of drug abuse,  a recovering Alex Chilton and a trio led by future dB Chris Stamey opened for Talking Heads at CBGB. This was around the same time Ork Records released a five song 7 inch EP called "The Singer Not The Song'.

In A Man Called Destruction, Holly George-Warren writes:

The CB's shows went well, although most of the jammed room were fans of the Talking Heads. Alex's trio added more Big Star songs to the sets, even trying a quiet ballad from #1 Record, "Watch the Sunrise". The song did not go over well with the crowd, but they responded when Alex started playing the Ventures' "Walk Don't Run," to his bandmates' surprise. "The CBGB scene was now overawed," Chris recalls, "but Alex soon found his way and was accepted, once his natural bohemian, rebellious instincts came to the fore in our shows." He added more aggressive, rocking songs to the set, including Big Star songs drawn from all three LPs, as well as a punky version of "The Letter" and the response improved.

Among those Big Star tunes : "When My Baby's Beside Me", "September Gurls", and "In the Street". Chilton would soon be headlining shows at CBGBs. Among his opening acts, a New Jersey band called The Feelies.

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