Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Idiot

Iggy Pop : Nightclubbing

On March 18, 1977 Iggy Pop released The Idiot, a haunting autobiographical album produced by David Bowie. Recorded in Berlin, Pop has described the album's sound  as "Kraftwerk Meets James Brown". Its release coincided with the advent of punk rock and helped earn the fallen star a new title as the Godfather of Punk.

The most autobiographical song on the album is probably "Nightclubbing", with its zombified drum machine shuffle ( later sampled backwards by Trent Reznor for Nine Inch Nails's "Closer"). Pop says it's a comment on what it was like to hang out with Bowie every night."Dum Dum Boys", about meeting The Stooges,  is the album's funniest song : 

The first time I saw 
The dumb dumb boys 
I was fascinated 
They just stood in front 
Of the old drug store 
I was most impressed 
No one else was impressed 
Not at all

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