Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fool

Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane : April Fool

Happy April Fools Day! In the Spring of 1977 Pete Townshend and his Faces buddy Ronnie Lane were putting the finishing touches on Rough Mix, one of my favorite albums of the year. 

"Basically the album came about because I was in financial trouble," Lane told David Marsh in 1983,  "and I went to see Pete, not to ask for anything, just to see him socially. Obviously, we talked  about each other's state. Mine came up and he said 'Well, we've talked about working together in the past. Why don't we get an album together?' I said 'That would solve my problem'. It did."

Townshend and Lane weren't the only musicians on the album. In fact, Eric Clapton plays dobro on "April Fool", a song that seems to reflect a certain wistfulness.. During the sessions, Lane discovered he had multiple sclerosis. 

She said I'll see you in the morning, darling
I see you when the kids have gone to school
But well I know tomorrow is your birthday
I know you know that you're are an April Fool
We used to roam so freely. It's been so long
I took my dreams to bed now where they belong
She said there's dust and cobwebs on your north star
There no more fussing the campfires in your hair
I'll see the wheels there rusted in the backyard
I know we're not going anywhere
We used to roam so freely. It's been so long
I took my dreams to bed now where they belong
The album was released September 16, 1977.

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  1. Didn't know Ronnie, never met him etc but with that caveat, you always 'knew' he'd be a lovely fella and nothing I've read or seen since changes that view. With so much false shit around, yes even back then as well as now, it warms the cockles to bathe in a spot of good old homespun honesty. Great post - thank you