Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Young Words Are Mumbled

The Jam : Art School ( BBC Session)

On April 26, 1977, three days before the release of their first single, The Jam performed four songs for John Peel's BBC sessions .They led with the new single, the future UK Top  40 hit "In The City", followed by a song many in the band believed would be the next single, "Art School". The next tune is "I Changed My Address". All three came from the debut album. They rounded up the set with "The Modern World", another UK Top 40 hit, from their second album. ( The Jam had 18 straight UK Top 40 hits so this is not a surprise.)

The Jam may have owed their energy to the punk scene but their sound is pure updated mod rock. "In The City" shares the same lyrical themes as the lead off track to The Who's My Generation, "Out in the Street" and "The Kids Are Alright". They would later cover songs by The Who, The Kinks and Small Faces.

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