Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mental Anesthesia

Motorhead : Motorhead

On June 10, 1977 Motorhead released its first single. "Motorhead" was the last song Lemmy Kilmister wrote before he was booted from Hawkwind in 1975. The song, about the "wrong kinds of drugs" that Kilmister used until the end of his life,  would provide a blueprint to pretty much everything that followed over the course of the next 40 years. Now that I have a second job I can't possibly find the time to top Jonathan Gold's description of the Motorhead modus operandi in Spin's Alternative Record Guide:

...Distorted bass amped up to the point of insanity, Kilmister's throat-cancer roar, drug-marathon imagery, incomprehensible soccer choruses, and thrashy, trebly, speed-freak guitar crusted over the top like a ripe scab.

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