Monday, June 12, 2017

Wo Ist Michael?

U.F.O. : Love to Love 

Just six days before U.F.O's Lights Out tour of America, German wunderpicker Michael Schenker and his Flying V guitar vanished. Even though he was the creative heart of U.F.O., Schenker's relationship with his English bandmates had always been fraught with tension...and the need for a translator. On the road Schenker was a loner and drinking heavily. He would leave the band to be off on his own,  sometimes right in the middle of the show.

  Among the many stories about Schenker;s 1977 disappearance  is the suggestion that he was taking a prescription drug called Heminevrin, a muscle relaxant he mixed with alcohol in the same dangerous way Keith Moon did. 

 The band looked for Schenker is all he usual places. That's how they discovered that he had moved out of his flat and sold his car. There was talk that he might have been abducted by a real U.F.O. It turns out he had just escaped to the South of France with a girlfriend. After Paul "Tonka" Chapman replaced him for the US tour, Schenker returned in September just in time for U.F.O's  tour with Rush.

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