Thursday, July 13, 2017


NRBQ : That's Alright

On June 13, 1977 lightening strikes left the city of New York without power for 25 hours.  According to the New York Times because of the power failure, LaGuardia and Kennedy airports were closed down for about eight hours, automobile tunnels were closed because of lack of ventilation, and 4,000 people had to be evacuated from the subway system. ConEd called the shutdown an "act of God", enraging Mayor Abe Beame, who charged that the utility was guilty of "gross negligence."

Beame said "We've seen our citizens subjected to violence, vandalism, theft, and discomfort. The Blackout has threatened our safety and has seriously impacted our economy. We've been needlessly subjected to a night of terror in many communities that have been wantonly looted and burned. The costs when finally tallied will be enormous. "

Meanwhile at the Bottom Line, NRBQ played an all acoustic set, using flashlights taped to their microphone stands.

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  1. ...and then came the Son of Sam. 1977 was quite a year for the Big Apple.