Sunday, July 9, 2017

Disturb The Calm

The Only Ones : Lovers of Today

On July 9, 1977 The Only Ones released their classic "Lovers of Today" single on their own label, Vengeance Records. The tune was immediately named the "Single of the Week" by three out of the four major U.K. music mags. A year later The Only Ones would be signed to CBS Records.

  Songwriter Peter Perrett was a member of the Velvet Underground sound a likes England's Glory. Scottish bassist Alan Mair had been in The Beanstalkers, guitarist John Parry was an ex-Rat and drummer Mike Kellie , at age 30, was the old man in the band, a veteran of Spooky Tooth. Kellie died in January of this year.

Peter Perrett would always sound detached from his own songs. He was certainly uncomfortable with being attached to the punk scene, telling an interviewer in 1977 "To the hippies we were punks and to the punks, we were hippies.". Listen closely and you'll hear Perrett declare the death of the flower power generation:

We ain't got feelings /We've got no love /We ain't got nothing to say/ We're lovers of today.

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