Monday, August 28, 2017

A Long Line of Mourners

Elvis Presley : Long Black Limousine

The death of Elvis Presley may have left Americans all shook up, but the impact of the King's death had almost no impact on the pop charts where the last single during his lifetime, "Way Down", which stalled at #31, now bounced from #53 back up to #35 . This time "Way Down" would peak at #18.

Compare that to the UK charts where "Way Down" immediately took the #1 spot and was followed with seven more singles making a reappearance on the UK charts:

1. Way Down
39.  It's Now or Never
41. All Shook Up 
43. Crying in the Chapel 
44.  Jailhouse Rock 
46.  Are You Lonesome Tonight 
48.  The Wonder of You 
50.  Return to Sender

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