Monday, September 18, 2017

Sitting Here All Alone

The Babys : Isn't It Time

In September of 1977 The Babys, fronted by John "Missing You" Waite, released their  single "Isn't It Time". Commericial? Yes. And melodramatic too. But the 13 year old version of myself bought the single when he had a couple bucks to spend.

 Can you name another hit song in which the  backing vocalists sing the chorus?  Lisa Freeman-Roberts, Myrna Matthews and Pat Henderson are superb and Waite, in full glam pop attire, hits a home run.

Surprisingly, "Isn't It Time" barely cracked the UK Top 50. It went to #13 in the US and #1 in Australia.


  1. "Can you name another hit song in which the backing vocalists sing the chorus?"
    Not sure how big a hit it was, but 'First We Take Manhattan' by Leonard Cohen springs to mind.