Sunday, September 3, 2017

Someone Lonelier Than Me

Klaatu : The Loneliest of Creatures

In September of 1977 Klaatu released their second and, many fans say, best album, Hope. Revealed to be a bunch of Canadian studio musicians and not the reunited Beatles as their record label suggested a year earlier, the trio had to record something astonishing or go down in history as a hoax. Fans say they recorded something astonishing, out-engineering almost every prog rock album released in 1977.They point to the George Harrison sound a like title track and the Bohemian Rhapsodic "Loneliest of Creatures. Even so, radio refused to fall for Klaatu a second time.  Definitely worth a listen.


  1. This is a phenomenal album. Too bad soooooooooo many have never listened to it.

  2. Very nicely stated in your awareness of the artistic achievement as well as the bittersweet circumstances surrounding this album. But if ever there were a record that did deserve to be hyped from then to eternity on its merits, this is it.