Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Put Expression In Your Eyes

Joan Armatrading : Show Some Emotion

In October of 1977, Joan Armatrading released her fourth album, Show Some Emotion.  Like her self-titled breakthrough, this was produced by Glyn Johns who found a strong set of musicians to support Armatrading on tracks like "Show Some Emotion", "Kissin' And a Huggin'" and fan favorite "Willow".  The first time I was ever surrounded by an audience waving lighters, Armatrading was on stage singing "Willow".

From Robert Christgau's B+ review

OK, I'm convinced. Sometimes funny, always real, and never ever pretentious, she proves that a big, husky voice needn't turn you into a self-important fool. So why don't I have anything more specific to say about this record? Because most of the meaning of the ordinary-plus lyrics is conveyed by stance and nuance.

Show Some Emotion peaked at #6 in the U.K. charts and #52 in the Billboard charts.

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