Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hot to Go Like Jimmy O

Blondie : Detroit 422

On November 12, 1977 XTC opened for Blondie who were back for their second tour of the U.K, with a new bass player. The English musician Nigel Harrison replaced the departing Gary Valentine ( like Frank Infante too late to make the cover of the following album Plastic Letters). Harrison would co-write some memorable songs for Blondie including "On Way or Another" and "Union City Blue".

  There's actually a webpage dedicated to the gig. XTC is described at the time as a "fast rising" "cross between The Clash and Roxy Music and seem to have the writing power to come right through the centre of the field and stay in front".

The video below--shot a week later in Amsterdam-- gives a sense of Blondie's life on and off the stage.

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