Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Naked Through the Cold

Be Bop Deluxe : Panic in the World

From the forthcoming Drastic Plastic, here's one of Be Bop Deluxe's catchiest singles. Released in January of 1978, it's an upbeat tune until you actually listen to the lyrics.  "Panic in the World" is David Bowie's "heroes" in an alternative universe where two star crossed lovers run naked through armageddon. "The clouds, they bled like open wounds across the sky," sings Bill Nelson. " The wings of many nations, falling, burning, turning /Trying oh, so hard to die." Though often described as Bowiesque, "Panic" was recorded before anyone heard "Heroes".

Drastic Plastic--out in February of 1978 --would be the final album for Be Bop Deluxe as Nelson headed off to pursue the new wave sounds of Red Noise.

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