Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Our Time Is Now

The Modern Lovers : The Morning of Our Lives

To see Jonathan Richman on stage  is to leave everything manly and mature outside the venue and give in to the enchanting world of this man-child.  Released in January of 1978, "The Morning of Our Lives" could be the title of another bad James Blunt tune, but in the hands of Richman it's a sweet song of encouragement:

And our time is now, we can do anything you really believe in I know it 
Our time is now, here in the morning of our lives 
Our time is right now, you can do anything you set your heart on 
Our time is now, here in the morning of our lives

And listen to the way the audience buys into the message and claps along.

This bit of transcendence peaked at #39 on the U.K. charts, surely helped along by an eight minute version of "Roadrunner".

Also 40 years ago today: The Sex Pistols play before 500 punk rock fans and another 500 C and W fans outside Dallas,TX. Below, Sid Vicious walked on stage with "Gimme a Fix" scrawled on his chest. 

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