Thursday, February 8, 2018

Noises of Destruction

Nick Lowe : I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass

On February 8, 1978 Nick Lowe released his most successful U.K. single, "I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass". Over the years, the question of whether Lowe is referring to David Bowie's song "Breaking Glass" keeps coming up. After all, Lowe had released an EP called Bowi in response to Bowie's album Low.  But Lowe says he wasn't aware of the Low song until after Elvis Costello said “haven’t you lifted a Bowie title?”

Lowe later told the A.V. Club how the UK#7 hit came about:

 "That was a song which was sort of made up in the studio. I had the vague idea of the tune, and that's why in the writing credits, I cut the bass player and the drummer in on the song, because they made it, really. The drums and bass are really great on that song. Steve Goulding and Andy Bodnar used to play with Graham Parker And The Rumour, whose records I produced, and they played bass and drums on '(I Love the Sound of) Breaking Glass.' Their contribution was so great, I gave them a third each. In fact, I should have actually given Bob Andrews (also of The Rumour), who played piano on it, a taste of the record. The piano is so great. But that was much later. We’d sort of divided up the songwriting. But there we are."

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