Monday, February 12, 2018

Sitting In This Cell

Sham 69 :  Borstal Breakout

On February 12, 1978 the English punk band Sham 69 played London's Roundhouse, a week before releasing their debut album, the U.K #25 half studio/half live hit Tell Us The Truth. Sham 69 may not have seemed as smart as The Jam or The Sex Pistols but that was kind of the point. They played punk tunes that often ended in football stadium style chants because that's what the kids wanted. Sham 69 would release two albums in 1978. And for anyone who doubted the band's intellect, the second one, That's Life, would be a concept album about a day in the life of a punk rocker.

In case you're wondering how a singer makes sure he's heard over a punk rock band, Jimmy Pursey is singing into two mics. The video is also notable because there is no sign of the violence that would marr most of their live shows. 

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