Thursday, April 12, 2018

Gordon Is A Moron

Jilted John : Jilted John

In April of 1978 Jilted John, a.k.a. actor Graham Fellows, released a novelty record in the punk rock vein called "Jilted John" which would peak at U.K. #4 by late Summer, selling half a million copies. It's the story of a fellow who gets dumped by a girl named Judy who says she fancies the better looking and more stylish Gordon, leading to the singalong line "Gordon Is A Moron" . That's followed by a series of insults one could only fantasize broadcasting on the radio: She's a slag and he's a creep /She's a tart, he's very cheap /She is a slut, he thinks he's tough /She is a bitch, he is a puff".

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  1. I once knew a Mormon whose name was Jordan.
    You can guess the rest