Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I Always Flirt With Death

The Only Ones : Another Girl, Another Planet


In April of 1978, The Only Ones released their self titled debut album, one that has aged well by sounding like a cross between the band's punk rock influences and something the Stones might have cut in Keef's less lucid moments.  Songwriter and languid vocalist Peter Perrett has spent far too many years chasing the dragon. The preceding single "Lovers of Today" is about heroin, an addiction that would be one of the factors is the band's short life.  The Only Ones, recorded with a skilled band including former Spooky Tooth drummer Mike Kellie, includes one of the year's legendary singles , the often covered "Another Girl, Another Planet". 

Here's Peter Perrett on the single:

 Around that time, I wrote Another Girl, Another Planet. I used to enjoy meeting lots of girls and always thought it was like visiting a different planet every time. Each girl was different, in different ways, so I assumed it was a worthwhile experience… The stupidity of youth! Once I matured, I realised that just being with one person was actually more beneficial. 

The Only Ones was included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear where you'll read:

Perrett's flair for trembled lyrical gush, bolted onto the band's polished punk finesse, distinguished them in an era when most of their peers were scratching their heads over the whereabouts of the fourth chord.

The band would break up in 1981. Looking back, Perrett has a few regrets.

"In the 70s I just did things the way they came out and thought that they were perfect because I was always thought I was a genius, even when I was young. As you do when you’re young, you’re very arrogant. I used to think that the way it came out was perfect – nothing could improve it. But I’m a bit more self-critical and self-deprecating, obviously, as I’ve proved to myself that I’m not infallible.”


  1. Another Girl Another Planet is my favourite song of all-time! There's something so perfect about it, especially that epic intro. Despite what Perrett alludes to in your final paragraph, I actually don't think this song (or the Only Ones' recording of it, at any rate) could ever be improved upon.

  2. one of the greatest songs of all time