Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sell Your Body to the Night

The Police : Roxanne

On April 7, 1978 The Police released "Roxanne", their first single on A/M Records. The love song written by Sting to a fictional Parisian prostitute failed to chart ...for nearly a year. Becoming the biggest rock group on earth would have to wait.

Said Sting of the song:

We went into Surrey Sound Studios and it was working pretty well. We recorded a few tracks, one of which I wrote more or less as a throwaway. That was 'Roxanne', I didn't think much more about it until we played the album to Miles Copeland who is, of course, Stewart's brother and a bit of an entrepreneur, though he'd never been particularly interested in The Police. In fact, he'd kept away from it to say the least. He did come along to the sessions while we were putting the first album together but more or less just to offer brotherly advice to Stewart. He heard the album and quite liked it. When we got to Roxanne, we were a bit embarrassed because the song was a bit of an anachronism, because compared with our usual material it was slow, quiet and melodic. Far from saying he thought it was a piece of shit, he said it was amazing. I thought, 'He likes this song. This is fantastic!

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