Wednesday, April 11, 2018

She's So 20th Century

The Boomtown Rats : She's So Modern

On April 9, 1978 The Boomtown Rats's latest single, "She's So Modern", entered the U.K. charts at #23. It would be the first single released from the Rats's second album, A Tonic For the Troops, which also featured a future UK#1 hit in "Rat Trap". The song's lyrics contain the album title : "And Charlie ain't no Nazi/ she likes to wear her leather boots/ 'cuz it's exciting for the veterans/ and it's a tonic for the troops."

 Below, you can see Bob Geldorf's Jagger inspired hyper kinetic stage presence which helped get him him cast as Pink in The Wall.

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  1. I smiled the moment I saw your headline. Heard this one for the first time on the That Summer soundtrack. The Rats had a few great songs, but this is by far my favorite.